Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)

Sr. No Photo Name Designation Email Address Phone Number Intercom Work Allocation
1.image of Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani PhotoSmt. Smriti Zubin IraniMinister of Textilesmot_fb[at]nic[dot]in+91-11-23061385/+91-11-23063779(0)Minister of Textiles
2.image of Sh. Ravi Capoor PhotoSh. Ravi CapoorSecretarySecy-textiles[at]nic[dot]in+91-11-23061769
3.image of Sh. Shantmanu PhotoSh. ShantmanuDC(Handicrafts)smanu[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in+91-11-26106902/+91-11-26103562200Head of Department
4.image of Sh. Ratnesh Kumar Jha PhotoSh. Ratnesh Kumar JhaAddl. DC(H)Ratnesh[dot]jha[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26191569201AHVY, NGO Poral, Helpline, Pahchan Card, MSS, Welfare Scheme, Infrastructure & Technology Support, Institutions (IICT&Haskala Academy), Coordination & Planning (C&P) , Carpet Mega Clusters, Carpet Scheme & Carpet Policy, COHANDS, Handicrafts Policy, Handicrafts Mark & Carpet Rating
5.image of Sh. S.k. Jha PhotoSh. S.k. JhaSr. Director(Handicrafts)sk[dot]jha[at]nic[dot]in+91-11-26178640262HRD, Vigilance, NERTPS , Parliament ,Hindi, RTI (Appellate Authority), Institution(including BCDI), NHHM, Crafts Museum , Varanasi, Hastkala Academy (Proposal)
6.image of Sh.Arun Kumar Yadav PhotoSh.Arun Kumar YadavDirector(Handicrafts)arun[dot]ky[at]nic[dot]in26103206202Research & Development (Including IT applications & monitoring of all Schemes), Design & Technology Upgradation, Establishment & administration & Legal Matters, General Administration, Budget & Accounts, MHSC , National Skills Qualifications Committee(NSQC), Integrated Development Promotion of Handicrafts Projects(Varanasi & Uttrakhand), Handicrafts Mega Cluster Projects (Except Kutchch & jodhpur)
7.image of Sh.V.P. Thakur PhotoSh.V.P. ThakurDDcarpet-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-1126174938264COHANDS, Vigilance, Additional charge of WRO, Mumbai
8.image of Sh M.Prabakaran PhotoSh M.PrabakaranDDdesign-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in,candp-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26178607232C&P & Design
9.image of Sh. Yogendra Pandey PhotoSh. Yogendra PandeyDDinst-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26103708234Cluster, Hastkala Academy and Nodal Officer of NGO Portal & Handicraft Helpline.
10.image of Sh. Deeptanshu Haldar PhotoSh. Deeptanshu HaldarSr.,admn-dchc-textiles@gov.in26103708238Cluster
11.image of Sh. Mukesh Kumar PhotoSh. Mukesh KumarSr. ADwelfare-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26100049240Welfare, Carpet Policy & Special Package for J&K and Pehchan.
12.image of Sh. Tapan Kumar Das PhotoSh. Tapan Kumar DasAO(Hqr)accounts-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26181413/+91-11-25749426(R)215Account Section & DDO(Hqrs.)
13.image of Sh. Youdhbeer Singh PhotoSh. Youdhbeer SinghAO(B&A)budget-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26181413213Budget,Budget Related matters of DTC's & UCs
14.image of Sh. A.K. Mohanty PhotoSh. A.K. MohantySr. ADmkt-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26178675243MSS
15.image of Sh. Ramnik Chand PhotoSh. Ramnik ChandADrti-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in/hindi-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26177790245HRD Section
16.image of Sh Shivji Ram Meena PhotoSh Shivji Ram MeenaADinfra-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in26178675242Infrastructure & Institutional
17.image of Smt. G.P. Sahayamari PhotoSmt. G.P. SahayamariADhrd-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26176614211Administration & Legal Cell & Head of Office
18.image of Sh. Anirudh Kapil PhotoSh. Anirudh KapilADcandp-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26178607233C&P Section, Parliament Section
19.image of Sh. Ramesh Chand PhotoSh. Ramesh ChandADgenl-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in26189480222General Section
20.image of Shri S.K. Sharma PhotoShri S.K. SharmaADrti-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in , hindi-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26183619209RTI, Library & Hindi Section
21.image of Sh. S.K Singh PhotoSh. S.K SinghADinfra-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in+91-11-26177790247Mega Cluster & Special Project
22.image of Shri Sandeep Kumar Patel PhotoShri Sandeep Kumar PatelADrandd-dchc-textiles[at]gov[dot]in26104563241R&D
23.image of Sh. R.K. Mishra PhotoSh. R.K. MishraAD26177790248Design
24.image of Sh. Sandeep Khurana PhotoSh. Sandeep KhuranaScientist 'E' (NIC)sandeep[dot]khurana[at]nic[dot]in+91-11-26171082216NIC (Handicrafts)
25.image of Vinod Joshi PhotoVinod JoshiAD