Marketing Support

DC (H) helps artisans to market their products in India and abroad through various events involving sales, exhibitions, awareness programmes, buyer seller meets ,workshops and seminars. It also conducts market studies and promotes products through branding and online marketing.

  • 1. Assistance for organising and participation in marketing events in India:
  • Financial assistance is provided for organising craft exhibitions at places like metropolitan cities, state capitals, and tourism spots and commercial hubs. Artisans across the country will get direct marketing platforms at these places.

  • 1.a. Gandhi Shilp Bazaar/Craft Bazars
  • The office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) financially assists eligible organisations for organising marketing events in places like metropolitan cities, state capitals, tourist spots, and commercial centres.

    The objective of such events is to provide a direct marketing platform to artisans, SHGs and entrepreneurs from various -parts of the country. These bazaars will be organized for duration of 7-10 days and shall accommodate 60-100 stalls.

    The assistance will be Rs 20 lakh for a class I exhibition (at cities with 5 million or more population), Rs 18 lakh for a class II (cities with 1 to 5 million population) and Rs 16 lakh for a class III exhibition (at cities with less than a million population).

  • 1.b. Exhibitions:
  • Handicrafts sector is fragmented and the artisans are mostly from rural areas. Organising large events in cities with their participation is not a very easy task, as it requires lot of capacity, both financially and logistically.

    Office of DC (Handicrafts) provides financial assistance for smaller marketing events at local level to provide marketing opportunity to group of artisans from the area. This will enable continuous availability of marketing platform to the artisans/entrepreneaurs/ SHGs

    The exhibitions shall be organized for a period of 7 -10 days with participation from 10 to of 50 artisans
  • Financial assistance
  • • Class I (cities with population above 5,000,000): INR 9 Lakh
  • • Class II (cities with population between 5,000,000 and 1,000,000): INR 8 Lakh
  • • Class III (cities with population less than 1,000,000): INR 7 Lakh

  • 1. c. Hiring of built up space in events organized by other organizations
  • Artisans can showcase and sell their products at fairs organized by government organisations, like tourism departments and central and state governments. Office of DC (H) assists them in acquiring stalls at such fairs through financial assistance.

  • • The participation in an event will be for a minimum of 2 days or the duration of the event whichever is higher.
  • • The number of stalls hired will not exceed 25% of the total stalls erected in the fair subject to maximum of 100 stalls.
  • • Maximum assistance shall be Rs 10.5 Lakh.

  • 1. d. National Handicrafts Fair
  • This grand event showcases the best of Indian handicrafts in quality, design and versatility from across the country. Aimed at increasing visibility of the products in domestic market, the program is to benefit entrepreneurs who are unable to participate in International fairs due to the high cost.

    The event of 10 to 15 days has participation of about 100 to 300 artisans, exporters, merchandiser, and manufacturers.

    The office of DC (Handicrafts) provides up to Rs 1 crore for organising the events .

  • 2. Craft Awareness Programmes
  • The component aims to support local level awareness programs that target general public and spread awareness about our crafts. Such programs may be taken up at schools or other places where reach to wider audience can be ensured.

    Creating awareness among people about our crafts is very important for their promotion. So, these programmes are conducted among general public, and held at venues like schools and public places, where reach to wider audience is ensured.

    The programme may last up to 3 days.

    Office of DC (H) provides a maximum funding of Rs 2 lakhs for organising these Craft Awareness Programmes

  • 3. Demonstration programmes
  • These are small scale events lasting up to a week where artisans interact with public to promote handicrafts. The DC (H)’s funding, up to Rs 4.5 lakh, may be availed in isolation or in combination with another promotional activity.

  • 1. Participation in international fairs and exhibition abroad:
  • There are many international fairs where crafts from all over the world are showcased and sold. To promote exports of Indian handicrafts and carpets, DC(H) gives financial assistance to eligible organizations for participation such international fairs and exhibitions held in India and abroad.

    Office of DC (Handicrafts) provides up to Rs 50 lakhs for the artisans to participate in the events.

  • 2. Folk Craft Festival of India/ Stand Alone Shows/ road shows
  • Office of DC (H) organises folk craft festivals, road shows, catalogue shows, thematic exhibitions, standalone shows, special events and programmes in India and abroad. The aim is to promote Indian crafts and create a brand image for Indian handicrafts in international markets.

    A maximum of 20 people that includes artisans, SHG members, entrepreneurs and exporters could participate. The government funding is up to Rs 60 lakhs.

  • 3. Market studies abroad
  • Gathering market intelligence is highly important for Indian handicrafts to remain competitive in international markets. It helps in understanding things like changing preferences, new production techniques, and knowledge of the competing countries and new markets. This is done through regular market surveys and studies.

    The office of DC (H) provides 100% grant-in- aid up to a maximum of Rs 20 lakh per study.

  • 4. International craft exposure programme
  • Under the programme, Indian artisans, master-crafts persons, designers, and technologists are sent abroad for both short and long duration training on subjects like designs, product innovations, techniques, technology, processing, and finishing.

    Crafts persons, designers, and technologists from abroad are also given financial assistance to visit India, to study designs and products; for creating awareness on design and product requirements of international market, and for dissemination of information on latest production techniques, tools, equipment and technology being adopted by different countries.

    A maximum of 10 participants for a period up to maximum of 1 month can participate in these programmes.

    Up to 10 participants are selected and the training is for a maximum of 1 month. The assistance is up to Rs 30 lakh, and is towards airfare in economy class, stay, local conveyance, space rent, related infrastructure and services, institutional consultant fee, development of prototype, documentation charges, wage compensation for trainees in India, and raw material compensation.

  • 5. Cultural Exchange Programme
  • Master Craft’s persons, Shilp Gurus and National Awardees are sent abroad under the programme, and they give live demonstrations of the craft he/she practices. The participation in programme is based on agreed terms and conditions between Indian government and the hosting country.

    In addition, they also participate in programmes organized by Indian Embassies, and other festivals to promote Indian handicrafts. An officer of DC (Handicrafts) can also be deputed to the programme for monitoring and impact assessment.

    The funding shall be on actual basis, and will be released as per the actual expenditure plus 15% service charge in case of non-departmental activity or through Indian Missions abroad.

  • 6. Compliance, social and other welfare measures
  • The programme aims at, one, compilation of product specific common compliance code for International market and obtaining standardized certification, and two, creating awareness about the compliance among exporters, artisans and manufacturers and help them achieve it. Welfare measures and resolution of labour disputes are also covered under the programme.

    The office of DC (H) gives an assistance of up to Rs 1 crore per organisation or per activity.

  • 7. Buyer seller meets in India
  • Finding buyers for crafts is often difficult for artisans, who mostly belong to rural areas. The programme seeks to connect local artisans with major buyers in the country. The DC (H) gives financial assistance to NGOs, apex cooperative societies and government agencies to conduct the buyer seller meets.

    The meets could last up to three days with participation of up to 50 artisans and 50 buyers.

    The office of DC (H) provides an assistance of a maximum of Rs 15 lakh.

  • 8. Buyers sellers meet abroad and reverse buyer seller meet in India
  • Small exporting units cannot afford to participate in International fairs organized in India & abroad on their own. So the DC (H) funds the umbrella organizations for organizing International Handicrafts Trade Fair/buyers sellers-meets in India and abroad. An officer of the Office of DC (Handicrafts) can attend and assess the impact of the programme.

    Up to Rs 50 lakh assistance is given for the meets that could last between 3 to 5 days.

  • 9. Marketing workshops
  • The office of DC (H) organises national, state and local level marketing workshops to discuss various problems faced in handicrafts sector. Artisans, designers, technologists, exporters, buyers and financial institution participate in the workshop that is of a minimum duration of 2 days.

    The office of DC (H) provides assistance up to Rs. 2 Lakhs per organization/per activity.

  • 10. Workshops, seminars, symposiums, programmes organized abroad
  • To create awareness among foreign designers, technologists, buyers, media persons, opinion makers and general public, DC (H) organises workshops, seminars, symposiums and other programmes abroad.

    This also includes interaction with Govt. officials, trade representatives and buyers on topics like improvements in the products and designs and policies.

    The financial assistance for such programmes is up to Rs 50 lakh.

  • 11. Rental for warehousing
  • DC (H) provides financial assistance for renting warehouses abroad to store handicraft. The assistance could be up to Rs.25 lakh per unit, to reimburse up to 80% of the rental cost.

  • 12. Publicity and Brand Promotion

  • Publicity via print and electronic media
  • Publicity and brand promotion through various media are important to boost sales and create awareness about crafts in India and abroad. DC (H) thus undertakes large scale media campaigns with a brand centric approach.

    They involve both digital (television, online and audio) and physical (press, billboard, in- store and street) advertising. These are expected to improve sales, and promote brand image and brand recall.

    The maximum financial assistance is Rs 2 crore per activity, as 100% Grant-in- Aid for an eligible organization. If it is done departmentally by the office of DC (H), there will be no limit on the expenditure.

  • Web Marketing
  • The office of DC (H) gives financial support for advertisements and other publicity activities on the internet and social media, and to creating e-marketing platforms.

    The funding is done in isolation or in combination with other promotional activities.

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