Shilp Guru Award, National Award & National Merit Certificate for Outstanding Contribution in Handicrafts Sector.


The schemes recognize exceptional handicraft talents. Shilp Guru Awards, National Awards and National Merit Certificates are given to outstanding craftspersons who maintain excellence in craftsmanship and keep the old tradition alive.


The awards given to artisans for their contribution in innovating different styles and designs of the traditional craftsmanship, and to encourage them continue with the highest level of aesthetic character, quality and skill in the traditional Indian Handicrafts .These are once-in-a-lifetime awards.


  • Shilp Guru award, the most prestigious among them all, carries a gold Medal, a cash award of Rs 2 lakh, and a Tamra Patra.

  • National Awardees are facilitated with a cash award of Rs 1 lakh and a Tamra Patra.

  • Merit certificate awardees carries a cash award of Rs 75,000.


The Shilp Guru, in addition, will also create two replicas of the masterpiece for which award has been given. DC(H) would pay up to Rs 2 lakh for the replica as 100% grant.



  • Any Indian master craftsperson who is either a National Awardees or a State Awardees, or a master craftsperson of extraordinary skills with immense contribution to handicrafts sector, and who is not below the age of 55 years can apply. The person also should have 20 years of experience as on 31st December of previous year in the field. A maximum of 10 Shilp Guru Awards will be given in a year.  

  • All craftspersons residing in India, who are above the age of 35 years, having 10 years experience in the field of handicrafts as on 31st December of previous year are eligible to apply for national awards.  


Procedure for submission of entries

The craftspersons may apply in their respective State at the office of the DIC/Directorate of Industries/ concerned Regional Offices, or HM&SECs of Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). The application can be downloaded online.


Eligible crafts persons can apply here.

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