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Identity Card Form
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1. Full Name of Artisan
Name Of the Head Of the HouseHold
2. Gender:
3. Date of Birth:
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4. Address
House No./Bldg./Apt.
Post Office.
District Sub-District. State.
Email. Mobile Number. Pin Code.
5. Educational Qualification
6. Social Group:
Economic Group:
Card No.(APL/BPL/Antoydya)
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7. Please Attach Card:
Bank Details: State:
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8. Aadhaar No.
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9. Identity Card number of Handicrafts artisan,If any.
10. S.No.In the latest Census of Handicrafts Artisans (If Not Available AD Verify & Certify that the Applicant is a genuine craftsman)
11. Name of the Craft Practices
(Major/Specific)(Carpet & other floor Covering/Art
Metal Ware/Wood Ware/Hand Printing textiles/Scarves/
Embroidered & Crocheted goods/Shawl as art ware/Zari
& Zari goods/Imitation jewellery/Cane & Bamboo)
12. Year of Experience in practicing the craft.
13. Annual income from Craft Practiced
14. Annual Income from Other Sources: Agriculture/Other  
15. Family Details (Family Consists of artisans, His/Her spouse & dependent minor children only)
Member_Name Age Relation
16. Name Of Unit
(i) Registration Number:-
(ii) Year Of Registration:
(iii) Turn Over:- Below 1 lakh/1.5 Lakh/above 5 Lakh
(iv) Total Artisans Employed:-
(Hired)/Household Member(self Employed)
Hired Household Total
17. Holding Credit Card.
ACC.    SCC.  Other.
18. Status Whether Award

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